How to make authentic pizza sauce with just three ingredients, the best tomatoes you can get, ideally San Marzano, plus garlic and extra virgin olive oil all lightly infused together make the best genuine italian pizza sauce for your homemade pizzas.

Pizza Sauce

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Don’t listen to them. So the internet has a million and one recipes for pizza sauce. So what. They’re all wrong and I’m right, so listen carefully. I’m going to keep this simple, as it should be. You don’t need sugar, you don’t need herbs. You don’t need vinegar either. Pizza is a simple pleasure, the sauce should reflect that ideology. There’s one thing to consider very seriously when making simple food, which is quality of ingredients. That is the factor which will make this fantastic. How to make great pizza sauce. Tomatoes. This is the important one. Get the best, most expensive tomatoes you can find. Look for San Marzano, these are the best of the best. If not, buy the most expensive, organic ones you can find. Good tomatoes taste amazing and you don’t need to mess with that fact, so just start out on the right foot.…