Katherine Frelon Borough Market Demo Kitchen chocolate bark and spice bombs

Katherine Frelon at Borough Market’s Demo Kitchen

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There’s always been a rule about Christmas in my family, that we don’t talk about ‘the day’ until my Birthday has passed on 11th November. This year I’ve made an exception to the rule for two reasons. Firstly because I decided to book a holiday for the festive period, meaning I’ll be doing yoga, eating exotic food and languishing on an Indian beach in 30ºC heat on Christmas Day this year and I couldn’t keep that quiet. Secondly, because I’ve just had an inspiring Christmas cooking session with Katherine Frelon at Borough Market’s Demo Kitchen, leaving me desperate to make some edible Christmas treats to leave for friends and family to enjoy on the 25th. Katherine’s philosophy about cooking the big meal has a mighty food-based hook, her position is that it’s completely possible to only spend 60 minutes in the kitchen on Christmas day. With the right preparation, a…