Sweet cinnamon popcorn made on the stove in a saucepan is great fun as you watch all the kernels fly all over the place! Made with low sugar content and ready in minutes, you'll wonder why you ever bought pre-made popcorn!

Cinnamon Popcorn – Low Sugar

Gavin Wren Recipes, Small Bites

Today it’s one of my classic, sure-fire favourites. A little recipe I regularly make, always ensuring a bag of corn is residing in the cupboard, ready to launch itself into a steaming hot bowl of sweet cinnamon popcorn at the merest hint of a movie night. Besides, making popcorn at home is awesome fun and once you buy the bag of corn, you’ll always have the ingredients to make as much as you want. Oink, oink. I’ve been eating like a pig this weekend, which just has to happen occasionally, like a high-board dive into unabashed gluttony. They say the best diet is one which is varied, however I eat consistently healthy food in constrained portions all week. Therefore, including a hearty, gut-busting portion of ‘varied’* food occasionally at the weekends, enhances that sought-after variety and can only make my diet the pinnacle of healthy eating**. * i.e. pizza, curry,…