Cannock Chase Sunrise

Find Your True Nature – Two Years & A Career in Blogging IV

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Welcome back for Part 4 of my super special two year anniversary post! This time I’m discussing how to find your true nature, how to see the things that really matter in life and realise which things don’t. Sometimes it can be hard to see the wood for all the trees, but keep on walking and eventually you’ll get some perspective. The photo above was taken at Cannock Chase Forest during my 600 mile drive to Inverness, where I spent a week touring and camping in the Scottish Highlands, in the winter.
If you haven’t read Part 3 you can catch up with it here.
Fact 7. The most likes I’ve ever had on social media is 8,041 for a photo of a caramelised onion dip I made which Bon Appetit magazine re-Instagrammed. The Pain… Blogging has helped me find my true nature and changed the course of my life.…