there's too much food in the world

Why There’s Too Much Food in the World.

Gavin Wren Food Education, Writing

Seriously. There’s waaayyyyy too much. Today I’m looking at the global supply of food and how there is too much food in the world. I’m going to tell you some of the figures around the global food supply. Often these numbers get hidden away in academic journals and books which are only marginally easier to read than the Tibetan Book of the Dead when you don’t speak Tibetan. I want to explain them in an easier, understandable way, so that people can begin to understand why the world of food is not a simple place to be. You Keep on Chucking it in the Bin. There’s a lot of focus on food waste at the moment. The mainstream press and media has made us acutely aware that a lot of food is destroyed, simply thrown away. Some of it doesn’t even reach the supermarket due to it’s wonkiness. Food which…