Roquefort and sun dried tomato omelette

Sun dried tomato and roquefort omelette with rocket

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The recipe today is super quick, I’m not hanging around, I’ve got so little to do and so much time to do it in that I can’t just sit around being busy writing blog posts and editing photos. Capiche?

Confusing eh? That’s the idea. My brain is in a fuzzle today, I had a strange dream last night where an old colleague of mine who I got on well with told me to “FUCK OFF” because he was furious at me. Strange, but maybe he was furious, but was too nice to say it? Straight after that, I crumbled out of bed, washed, then took our puppy for a walk on the heath. This is normally a time of peace and sanctuary in which the rising sun casts long shadows and soft light across the landscape with a bounding puppy constantly checking my presence to affirm his safety. But today he wouldn’t come back to me when I was calling him, he was obsessing over something and wouldn’t leave it alone. When I finally gave up and walked back to get him, I found that it was because he was… nope, I can’t say it. I’ll try again, I hope you’re ready for this, because it’s a bit gross. He was rolling in a… Hold on. He was on his back, rolling over in a… Gah, I just can’t say it. OK, he was in the deep grass, rubbing his back in a… Ugh. I still feel a bit uncomfortable talking about it. It was a d… right, one last chance, I’ll do it this time. He was sniffing, then rolling over on a… dead mole. Poor animal (the mole, that is).

When I finally got him around the rest of the walk and back to the exit, he found THE MOST EXCITING THING IN THE WORLD EVER. Since he came to us, I’ve bought toys that are soft or hard, which jingle, squeak, bounce and made treats from fresh food like salmon, chicken and anchovies, yet none of these compare or can detract from the exquisite charm and unassailable attraction of someone else’s waste picnic wrappings. So there he is, at a distance, attacking a ball of used kitchen foil. Now, there’s three things that happen when B finds something that he likes on a walk. Firstly, he will ignore absolutely anything I say or do. Secondly, he will avoid me, keeping himself at a 5-10 metre distance and thirdly, he will ignore anything I say or do.

Roquefort and sun dried tomato omelette

This made the task of getting him back on lead and exiting the park exceedingly long winded and frustrating. After realising the futility of requesting that he joined me politely with calls and treats, I ingeniously managed to enlist the tennis courts along with a narrowing path to instigate a form of inanimate pincer movement. Soon he he was lulled into a false sense of security, allowing me a chance to effect a strike, with treats, leash and positive affirmations once he was back on the lead.

So, now I’ve told you about the trivialities of my morning, what about the food? It’s quick and it’s powerful, it’s like walking fast through a passing storm that’s gone in a blink of an eye. It’s also slightly like rubbing a soft pillow against your face, because there’s something comforting about an omelette, it’s simplicity is homeliness. So the best way of describing today’s recipe is like a passing storm that whisks through a comforting childhood memory, and for once, this is truly a sub 10 minute make meal. I hope you enjoy it.

Roquefort and sun dried tomato omelette

Sun dried tomato and roquefort omelette with rocket


Serves 1

Uses 1 frying pan

PDF recipe card to download or print


2 eggs
40g roquefort
4 sun dried tomatoes from a jar with oil, chopped
A handful of rocket


Heat a frying pan over a medium-low heat for a few minutes, so that it is up to temperature before you start cooking.

Whisk the eggs in a bowl and season well.

Add 1 teaspoon of the oil from your sun dried tomato jar to the pan and swirl it around. Pour the eggs into the pan and move them around, bringing the edges in with a fork and tilting the pan to move the liquid egg around.

When the omelette has a firm base and is still slightly runny on top, crumble the roquefort and scatter the tomatoes all over it.

Cook the omelette for slightly longer, just before the top has completely set, fold the edges over and turn it out, onto a plate.

Top with a handful of rocket and serve.

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