Food Photographer in London

Gavin has spent his life working within the food, graphic design, product design and photographic industries, finally tying all of these disciplines together to become a food photographer who has an innate understanding of food, it’s construction and how we perceive it within society. He specialises solely in capturing food shots, constantly seeking challenges and exploring different facets of professional food photography.

Shoots can be undertaken at his kitchen studio in East London, where he is developing a collection of props, backgrounds and equipment, or on location. He enjoys working with both natural and artificial light, recognising the vital qualities that each can bring to the style of a shot. He has a broad knowledge of contemporary digital media through his work as a professional blogger, alongside understanding traditional printed media through his former work as a graphic designer and large format printer.

Gavin would love to hear about your next food shoot and get involved with it. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page for any enquiries, which connects directly to Gavin’s personal e-mail account.

Food Photography Portfolio

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