Olio di peperoncino chilli oil

olio di peperoncino chilli oil

I’ve visited Italy twice in my life, or even three times if you count the occasion that I arrived at Milan after a few months in South East Asia, then … Read More

How to make gravadlax

how to make gravadlax

Today I’m talking about gravlax, or gravalax, or gravadlax, or even Gravad laks depending on where you are, who you are and why you’re here. There might be other spellings … Read More

VIDEO: How to peel a prickly pear

How to peel a prickly pear

It’s the pear necessities Prickly pears are a dangerously spiky fruit occasionally seen in the shops during Autumn, with vicious little hairs on their outer skin which stick in your … Read More

How to smoke mackerel

Whole smoked mackerel

I’ve reached peak mackerel. I don’t know what happened, whether something changed in the tides of the moon, but I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to consume lots of this … Read More