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How to Use Crowdfire and be Authentic

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The best way to use Crowdfire? Want to know the best way to use Crowdfire? Want the most efficient way to maximise your social networks? I’ll tell you the secrets behind it and how implementing it will effect your social media and your blog’s readership. In this post I’ll lay bare everything I’ve learned about using Crowdfire to build followers. It starts with one important thing to remember. One major rule to follow. Don’t use Crowdfire. Or, for that matter, don’t use any other tools that allow you to indiscriminately bulk follow or unfollow people. That’s the best way to use it in my opinion. Just don’t. Why not? I NEED followers! Because it utterly undermines the context of social media, which is supposed to be social. Using an automated tool to bulk follow, message or contact lots of people is not social, it’s precisely the opposite, flying in the…
le petit oeuf cards

New site! Le petit oeuf cards – 30% off for my blog readers!

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Hello! I wanted to tell you about something that I’m really excited about, it’s my new sister site, le petit oeuf cards, the home of my first range of greetings cards! The range There’s six cards available, all based around cycling photos from my family’s photographic archives going back about 70 years, with my own little twist of humour and colour added. All of the cards are printed and packaged with sustainable card and rapidly delivered straight to your home, rather than you needing to battle the hordes in your local Clintons. And to celebrate this, I’m giving you 30% discount until the end of February 2016 if you use the code ‘30%offblog’ at the checkout! For more info and to see the full range, click on the image below to go directly to the cards website: #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } /* Add your own MailChimp form style…
how to get accepted on foodgawker

How to get your images accepted on Foodgawker

Gavin Wren Food Blogging, Writing

‘Unfortunately, your post titled
“The most awesome food photo I’ve ever taken”
was not accepted.’ Sound familiar? Those words must echo emptily in the inbox of food bloggers all over the world, sliding into your e-mail surreptitiously amongst all the other highly important mail like discount codes and contact form spam advertising SEO services. I’m particularly lucky that Foodgawker e-mails normally arrive around the time I get up here in the UK, which is a lovely wake up call for me. Getting your images rejected from Foodgawker is part of the growing process of building a blog, and learning how to get your images accepted on Foodgawker is another part of your development. The three pillars of Foodgawker Over the last 10 months I’ve submitted about thirty images to Foodgawker, running at almost exactly a 50:50 accept/decline ratio. Over that time, my photography skills have developed and improved and I’ve…
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Advertising a blog using Twitter ads and promoted tweets

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Ad Men This month I decided to look at some different ways to and increase the readership of my blog. I considered various techniques that help to raise the profile of a blog, especially through social media. My personal favourite social media channel is Twitter, simply because of the way you interact with other people through words, rather than images. Don’t, however get confused with my favourite for driving traffic, which is undoubtedly Pinterest. Something that kept on coming back to me was Twitter Ads, mainly because I keep on getting a Twitter ad, for Twitter ads, flashing up in my Twitter feed, trying to entice me into the world of paid advertising. If I were able to promote my Twitter feed in this way and get a few more people on board, then hopefully the word of le petit oeuf will be able to spread far and wide. Now,…
How to write bad blog posts and lose visitors

How to write bad blog posts and lose visitors

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If there’s one thing that turns me off when I read a blog post, it’s starting with phrases like “YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!” or “This recipe is AMAZING and will CHANGE your WORLD”. You don’t NEED any recipe in your life, you just need basic food and water and the absolute last thing you need in your life is someone telling you what choices you should make. You should work them out for yourself and if you aren’t already doing that, then you need to start, rather than listening to a click-hungry blogger who is trying to big-up their recipe in the hope of a few more pence of ad revenue. It’s patronising and condescending that some blog writers can’t give their readers some credit by engaging you with engrossing text worthy of reading, rather than red-top tabloid headlines. Of course bloggers will tell you their recipe is…

More about me… Food bloggers get to know

Gavin Wren Food Blogging, Writing

I’ve been hovering around the fringes of the @fdbloggers Twitter community for a while, watching the #foodbloggersGTK posts. So I’ve finally decided to join in the party, with my own responses to the questions below… Name? Gavin Blog? lepetitoeuf.com (the little egg) What was your reason for starting a blog? I started taking photos of food I made, and posting recipes on internet forums about 7 years ago. When I was looking for something to do with my time, that I would find challenging and rewarding, starting a food blog was the logical progression and I’ve been doing it a year now. Since then I’ve found blogging to be a lot of fun and sometimes utterly exasperating work. What’s the dish you’re most proud of? The individual Labneh cheesecakes because they’re a genuinely tasty and uncompromising no added sugar dessert. I remember the elation when tasting them and realising they…