Dill & beetroot dip

beetroot and dill yoghurt dip

It’s been a long time since I wrote ‘dill and beetroot’ on my list of ingredients to play around with. As individual ingredients, they both rank pretty highly on my … Read More

Traditional Italian pesto

Traditional Italian pesto

There are many, many recipes on the internet going under traditional names which can only be described as bastardised. This comes in various guises, such as dairy, gluten, sugar free … Read More

Preserved lemon tapenade

Preserved lemon tapenade on a cracker and in a bowl

In my fantasy dream kitchen, the cupboards and fridge would be stocked at random by a stranger who chooses regularly changing ingredients, on top of the usual store cupboard staples. … Read More

Sun dried tomato tapenade

sun dried tomato tapenade

Tapenade used to be one of those ‘things’ that I didn’t understand. It smells and tastes beautiful, and evokes romantic visions of lazy mediterranean lunches, but I never really knew … Read More