Sweety salty fresh lime soda

Sweety Salty Fresh Lime Soda

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‘Sweety salty’ is something that I first discovered on holiday in India about 5 years ago. We were picking up some snacks en route to the beach one day when I spied a packet of biscuits called Krack Snack. On the front of the packet were two perfectly jolly characters proclaiming “Sweety” and “Salty” and the snacks were described as ‘Sweet and Salt biscuits’. I thought this was a slightly random and peculiar taste combination, after all, biscuits are exclusively sweet or savoury, non? The idea of combining the two together seemed like saying a shop is open and closed simultaneously, or after last week’s post, like having mozzarella on a marinara pizza. A chance to experience such exotic gustatory experiences cannot be passed over, so I bought a pack. They lived up to their name, although I doubt the name ‘Krack Snack’ was decided upon because of their…