Dark & fiery ginger cake

Dark and fiery spelt and rye ginger cake

This cake is an absolute winner. A real, bona fide winner. It’s because of this cake that I won the Blognix Retreat Scholarship competition, being the recipient of a free … Read More

Wholemeal Fresh Spelt Pasta

wholemeal spelt pasta tagliatelle

I’ve made homemade pasta previously, from silky whisps of fine tagliatelle to carefully manipulated, pillowy ravioli. It’s one of those things that’s a domestic indulgence, because shop bought, dried pasta … Read More

Pesto aubergine tart

Aubergine pesto tart

By now you’re probably thinking “errr… what’s the deal with this guy and aubergines?”. I’ll admit it, I’m sponsored by auberinges. They called me up from their field based HQ … Read More

Fruit loaded mini cherry clafoutis

Mini cherry clafoutis with no added sugar

It’s food based confessional again, this time I’ll confess that I didn’t eat strawberries for thirty years. Damn, that sounds like a long time. I have a slight recollection of … Read More