Le Petit Oeuf started in July 2014, when I was bored working as a graphic designer, seeking an outlet for my persistent thoughts about food.

From that point until January 2018, I published three hundred blog posts and articles between this site and medium.com, half of which are recipes. Suddenly, I realised my future would be in thinking and writing about food, rather than making recipes, so I stopped recipe blogging to pursue my own writing, I’m currently working on my first book.

Four years of blogging served as my apprenticeship. Today, I am no longer a graphic designer, but a professional food photographer who was shortlisted for the 2018 Pink Lady Photographer of the Year awards and a commissioned writer, as well as a studying Food Policy MSc at City, University of London.

Food Policy gives people the skills required to understand and change the food system, for the better. Deep down, that’s what I want to do, I want to change the food system. I don’t know how or why, but the answer will appear if I keep engaging with the food world. I’d love to take on more writing and public speaking roles.

Beyond that, I live in East London with my fluffy black dog, Bernard. I often take life a little too seriously, but have a silly and foolish sense of humour underneath. Things which excite me are pizza, yoga, running, singing with the London Symphony Orchestra community choir, watching opera and ballet, the London tube map, as well as the usual music, books and films. Alongside this, I work with my local food bank, helping to develop their operation and become more effective.

Get in touch via my contact page. More details about my food photography business can be found on my photography page and my images are available for purchase on Stock Food.

January 2018

“Food writing with a bit of bite”Editor at The E-List
“Gavin’s food photography is unreal — his tomato and bean salad recipe was absolutely gorgeous, right down to the crumbs. He was professional in all of his communication with us, unfailingly courteous and outrageously prompt. His work, from the first email to the last image, raises the bar for all other food bloggers. We were privileged to have the opportunity to work with him and would recommend him without hesitation.”Marne Litfin from wayfair.com

4 Comments on “About me”

  1. HI Gavin I’ve just cm across yor cookery site while readin Rick Parfitt’s glastonbury comments! Are all or most of yor recipes vegetarian as I am..i don’t follow recipes that much,as long as I got th jist of it,I more often than not modify dishes..but maby yors are interesting in themselves an no need to! thanx

    1. Hi Gwenda,

      Thanks for looking in!

      Almost all of my recipes are vegetarian, with the occasional piece of fish and it’s rare that I eat meat so you won’t find many meat recipes here. So almost all of my recipes would be fine for you, and you can also filter ‘vegetarian’ from the ‘Recipes’ drop down menu at the top right of the home page.

      Hope that helps!


    1. For the last six months, I’ve taken the majority of my shots using a Canon 24-70mm F4 L series lens. This is also a macro lens, which although isn’t ‘full’ macro 1:1, it allows easily enough close up focussing to get good detail shots of food. It’s a good all rounder and also a great everyday lens for general use.

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